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OLTP-Platform (OnLine Transaction Processing Platform)

This software processes ATM and POS transaction request, reversal and advice messages primarily from ISO 8583 compliant processors.
Additionally, custom interchange formats and device standards (Diebold,Visa, etc.) can be developed into the processing logic.

Technical data:
* Multi-threaded message queuing application.
* Utilizes TCP sockets for data transport.
* Configurable ACE streams for modularity.
* Message Logging facility for tracing, debugging and problem troubleshooting.
* Internal XML format to ease application development.
* Transaction logging capability with c-tree database.
* Core processor and critical applications developed entirely in Object Oriented C++ for maximum speed.
* Stress tests have shown OLTP-Platform is capable of sustaining 10 tps (transactions per second) on a low end Windows XP workstation.
* All application code is intended to be developed independently of target Operating System.
* Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Base24 ISO 8583 compliant.
* Configurable field layouts for ISO 8583 interfaces.

Intended Audience:
Small to medium size financial institutions with an IT department consisting of at least one senior C++ programmer.
Some light Python programming may be needed.

Operating Systems Supported:
Windows XP, Linux, Unix

Compilers supported:
Microsoft.NET C++ version 8.
Linux, Unix GNU C++ makefiles.

Open Source Prerequisites:
ACE (Adaptive Communications Environment) framework. Version 5.6 download from
Documentation and training provided at

Python Programming Language. Version 2.5.2 download and documentation available at

XML::Xerces. Version 2.7.0-0 download and documentation available at

Encryption::Crypto++. Version 5.5.2 download and documentation available at

3rd Party Vendor prerequisites:
c-tree PLUS Database. Version 8.14. A 90 day evaluation copy is available at

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